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When you get a load of the beautiful ladies posing at Sex Art, you will forget all your problems. They are indeed that beautiful. These guys combine art and sex in ways you never thought would be possible. They bring a mix of hardcore, soft core and lesbian stuff all rolled into one. Sometimes, they overlap into each other and there is nothing wrong with that. They have an Original Movies section where the acting is quite good.

There is actually a story on Sex Art unlike other porn sites that only focuses on the sex. They want members to know why they are banging each other when they get into the hardcore sex part. The acting is actually good despite being done by some unknown actors. The script for the movies were well written as well. There is also a Girls Love Sex section where the girl masturbates herself before telling the whole world about her sexual experiences and stuff like that. The events that lead up to her stripping and playing with herself are well done.

You can tell the movies were done by good filmmakers as the lighting and editing were good. You can sense the cinematic feel from the rolling of the opening credits to the hardcore sex part which is not rushed at all. All the movies come in two HD options plus they can also be streamed in a flash player if you are not keen on seeing some download time. The pictures can be saved in online galleries and you have the option of viewing them in low, medium or even high resolution. There are no search options available which is a real bummer as they have their own way of taking you through the movies and the models. It would be better if they have a search option though as that would make it easier for a member to find out what exactly it is he is looking for.

The layout is neat and navigation is quite easy so you would feel free to look around the Sex Art website. There are some links to live cams but they are not included in the subscription as you would have to pay extra in order to see a girl take it all off in front of the camera.