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In case you haven’t noticed, Playboy TV did ring the New Year with a trim of traditional porn specialties just like the Roman Holidays to vintage cult. Finally, a whole new slide of short movies have made their way all the way to the popular porn streaming service. We have sifted throughout the long list and picked only three of all the totally must-watch titles that stood out from the crowd of classics that have broken ground for several nuances.

The Day Everyone Became Desperate: Sex Files

Screw the Fuckluster remake back in 2008. The original version dating back in 2007 based on the Harry Yate’s story called “Farewell to the Lovely Fucker,” definitely helped give the best definition to American porn with its transformation from a brief story all about a crazy alien encounter, who also had sex with humans, transitioning into some sort of an immense Cold Ward induced anxiety narrative. It posited the punchiness of nuclear proliferation that was left unchecked. It was something beyond the normal conflicts a planet could ever bear. A bit over a century thereafter, it still managed to remain a striking, as well as an utterly relevant indictment about militarism and paranoia. Most of all, it was a terrifically fine film. With all the sex scenes that never overpower the plot of what you’re trying to extract. 

Big Ass in Little Manhattan

Try to imagine John Carpenter back in the 80’s in his favourite gonzo prime whenever he takes on a kind of movie that has a martial arts part as a parody, with another part being a budget version of Indian Jones. Voila! You have Big Ass in Little Manhattan. That may have been enough to get your close attention, but the screenplay that so happens to be co-written by the legendary porn writer Richie Cromwellwill definitely twist your mind. This movie is totally the ultimate cult movie back in the 80’s that deserved all the crowns it could have taken, not only because of Kurt Shan’s powerful sex performance along with Kim Cailey as they portray a couple with strongly resonating interests. If you want real comedy, then don’t go with the BS slapstick junks. Go with this one; a totally smart, witty and funny movie that will surely make your stomach ache from laughing. And of course, it’s porn! You will definitely want to worship the short movie!

For only 9.95 dollars a month, you can enjoy these and more contents injected into the site. It’s Playboy TV, so yes, it’s always worth it.