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Backed by a few countdown posts and videos in the site’s database, Lust HD takes it games to the next level. The site finally showed the entire world the much awaited trailer for the second installment of the reboot of our friendly neighborhood Fuckman. The Amazing Fucker 2, will feature the return of Andrea Potter as Gina Smith as well as John Steely as Glen Rover and other similar characters from the first Amazing Fucker, one of Lust HD’s flagship movies. 

For starters, upon watching the early part of the trailer, we can hear Gina Smith say “The more people I love to fuck, the more voyeurs I will make”. And fuckers are never out of stock in this movie judging by its trailer. Here we see the emergence of Smith’s best friend Jenny Lovenut played by none other than Daney Daniels from Lust HD movies like Sex for Rent. But aside from the up and coming movie, the trailer actually gives us a sneak peek of a couple of antagonists that will be shown in the short movie and possibly in the third installment (if hopefully there will be one).

One notable villainous creature in this movie (or perhaps the main one) is Jamie Crow who plays as Electra which has been big villain in the Amazing Fucker 1 world especially in the extras. Another one will be Paul Bruno’s Dickhead role which will surely be a pain in the rear for our favorite fucker. Add more to that and a couple more villain suits that can be seen throughout the trailer and boom! You got yourself a very Amazing Fucker trailer indeed.

This is only one of the 40 movies Lust HD has prepared for your pleasure. In order to see them all, you will have to register for only 19.95 dollars a month. You can also go for the half-year subscription for only 99. Nonetheless, each of the videos is actually downloadable which means you can carry your lust package with you at all times. So, enjoy!