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Fucked Hard 18 may not have the most original title in the industry, but they definitely have something worth talking about. First thing you should know is that this site is not a network porn-hub, but an individual site. The way this site does the execution part and delivers some extremely titillating action is part of what makes them so different.

The material inside has a certain premise, which is a hot gal dishing out an oily massage to a lucky stud. The action always leads to some form of hardcore sexing, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let us go methodically through what this site has to offer to its members.

If you are thirsty for a sample, then the best place to go looking is the Tour Page. There are samples of models and scenes on this page and there is also High Def material.

“Oily massages” is one niche that has been around for some time. Most of us have seen those scenes with oily hands, sexy bodies, hard muscles, soft boobs, etc, and many of us have really enjoyed the massage porn niche. The action inside this site has hardcore quality and it is also arranged according to various criteria.

There are certain twist and creative inputs in the material that give it a fresh feeling. And boy, the models look awesome. The group of gal this site has collected are tantalizing to watch.

The gals inside are not the ordinary porn star faces you have become accustomed to. Yes, you might see one or two familiar faces, but for the most part, the gals are “fresh faces”. And the way the existing members are all excited about the gals means that the chances of you becoming equally excited are very high.

Fucked Hard 18 has 199 galleries and 199 videos that include full movies. There is High Def action thanks to the wmv format. The pictures are sharp masterpieces featuring oily skin, curves, faces, and an erotic charm that exists in all of this site’s material. The site updates once per week.

You will have to make do with old movies having standard viewing quality (but this quality is not bad at all). The navigation and layout features are functional and adequate with no fancy bells or whistles. The filter tools can help you breakdown the material into various categories for easier searching.

The site is interactive with members commenting on the material. This site might not win the award for the most innovative porn site in the market, but they have some pretty sizzling massage porn. They have the basic quality building blocks, that is, High Def videos, banging babes, hardcore sexing, and a functional easy to use site. These are the best building blocks for any premium porn site.

We consider Fucked Hard 18 as a real quality porn site. Do we recommend you join them? That is a resounding YES!