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A lot of people may think Explicite Art is actually a soft core porn site but it is actually far from that. Some people underestimated John roots for his stuff but he has produced such awesome material in the website for a number of years and it has been understandable how he has captured the hearts of many porn fans with the content of this lovely site.

Explicite was called Explicite Art but that did not last long as some hacker had other plans and he stole the domain so they went out and got this cool name and it now has a much cleaner design than before. It is too bad there are no bonus sites here but with the massive amount of content here, I don’t think you would need them. You won’t be able to save favorites either so you just have to use the bookmark button of your browser in order to get back to what you wanted to watch over and over again. The stuff here is exclusive so you won’t be able to see them anywhere else.

There are 1149 videos and they can all be streamed through an embedded player but they can’t be fast forwarded for some reason. There are 1206 galleries and each one has about 50 to 100 pictures. The galleries can be saved in a Zip file for later viewing. The models here are pretty searchable as there is a drop on the left side that contains all of their names. They have that amateur appeal and they are from different ethnics too. You are going to love the porn in this site as you will find yourself jacking off several times in a day.

Explicite Art has a steady update schedule as they update the porn site 20 times a month but only less than 50% are videos. They have a store section where it is possible to buy some exclusive merchandise. John B. Roots sure proved to every member here why he truly deserved to win all of those awards.